AlumaliteUSA Custom Muzzle Brakes and Shrouds


( 5/8-24 Convex HALO Muzzle Brake W/3" Shrouding)

( 5/8-24 Convex HALO Muzzle Brake W/3" Shrouding) Image
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· Tactical Muzzle Brake ALumaliteUSA Part # (SCVHALO308S)

· Machined from high strength 7075 Aluminum

· 1" Diameter

· 5/8-24Threading .308 / 7.62 / 6.8 ( Perfect for the .300 Blackout as well as many others )

· ( 6 ) - 15 degree HALO Ports that go deep it the expansion chamber for MAXIMUM gas Displacement

· 4.5" overall length with 3" of barrel shrouding leaving only 1.5" forward of the muzzle these are a Great option for covering up some of the exposed barrel to give your weapon a SBR look while remaining a legal length and not having to file a Tax Stamp! These as listed are pretty standard lengths for most weapons HOWEVER you must have a standard diameter barrel “ .750 “ or less like the pencil barrel “ .620 “ for this unit to be slipped over it… “ IT WILL NOT FIT OVER BULL BARRELS .920 ” as listed but If you need one for a bull barrel or a longer unit with more or less shrouding please let me know and I will make it up for you! Use this form to contact me in regards to any questions... Contact Form

Premium Epoxy Coating ( DuraCoat )

· Adds a Competitive appearance and tremendous tactical advantage to your gun

· Can be Soldered, or pinned onto a threaded barrel for a permanent installation if needed ( Contact me in regards to adding the offset 1/8" thruhloe for easy DIY pinning )

· Tested and designed to increase stabilization and accuracy virtually eliminating muzzle rise to allow faster follow-up shots on targets!

· Buy with complete confidence!, Our reputation for quality , customer service and warranty are second to NONE!

· Manufactured with pride in the USA for people that prefer quality at a reasonable price!

Note: Any of my listed items can be changed to meet your needs, just ask!

Thank you for your business!
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